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 Manuel de Teffé is a Director/Writer with a solid experience in the fields of advertisements, music videos, documentaries and international advertising campaigns.

He has been writing and developing feature films and tv series for Lux Vide, New Land Films, Dominus Production, Madelein, EWTN, Metanoia films. He speaks italian, english, spanish, french, portuguese.



100 days Feature film. In development for Dominus Production

The secrets of Fatima Feature film. In development for Dominus Production, EWTN

Ebola Directed by Christian Marazziti. 2 Unit Director

For Greater Glory - Directed by Dean Wright, with Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria.

Produced by Pablo Barroso’s New Land Films. Writer of Treatments



2015 Vobe Produced by Stay Friends GMBH

2014 Kinderreiche familien Produced by Kinderreiche Familien

2012 Scuola Euromediterranea Produced by Banca Intesa e Banco di Napoli

2008 Universita’ Europea di Roma Produced by V. Paolini for the European University

of Rome

2008 The perfect person Produced by T. Sammon for Vitae Caring Foundation

2008 The Beginning Produced by T. Sammon for Vitae Caring Foundation

2007-2008 “Kirche in Not” international advertising campaign (14 ads written and

directed ) Produced by M. Riedemann

2005 Kirche in Not international advertising campaign (8 ads written and directed)

Produced by M. Riedemann

2004 Net Magazine Germany Produced by M. Schmidt

2004 Net Magazine Italy Produced by G. Brusco

2003 Harambee Produced by Rome Reports for the Harambee Foundation

2000 Panis Caritatis Shot in Congo. Conceived by Mc Cann-Erickson and produced

by G. Bianchini for Pontifical Council Cor Unum



2012 We sing Merry Merry Christmas (Kisi Kids) Produced by Kisi Kids

2010 Quanto amore c’è (Giacomo Celentano) Produced by Santa Chiara Media


2010 Brand New Day (Roseanna) Produced by Mark Riedemann for CRTN

2010 God’s plan (Derek Ryan) Produced by Mark Riedemann for CRTN

2009 Beside You (Mario Maneri) Produced by Mark Riedemann for CRTN

2005 Seduto ai piedi del mio cielo (Jacopo Bettinotti) Produced by Roberto Tietto for

Edizioni Paoline

2005 Head over heels (Cardiac Move) Produced by M. Salord

2005 Crucifying you (Raindown) Produced by John and R. Toone

2003 Speed of Love (WOT NXT) written by Back Street Boys, Produced by G. Brown

2003 10 music videos (For american singer Angelina assembled in the concept DVD

“The faithful”) produced by M. Davis for Angelina productions



2008 Domes of Rome Documentary film for Discovery Channel

2005 B16 World Youth Day Live Produced by Alexander Stolberg

2004 JPII and the World Youth Day Cross produced by Pontifical Council for the Laity

2003 Harambee - All together for Africa - Produced by Rome Reports Agency

2003 FTL for Televisione Svizzera di Lugano

2002 Canonizacion Produced by Jose Costa

2000 Obra Nova Produced by Moyses Azevedo

2000 Panis caritatis Produced by G. Bianchini for Pontical Council Cor Unum

1999 3 documentaries for the acclaimed RAIUNO tv series “Cristiani” shot in

Jerusalem, Isle of Rhodes, Beirut, produced by LUX VIDE

1998 Il Progetto docudrama produced by F. Pamphili for Morgan films

Director/Executive producer


2009 1st of May Roman Concert - Tv direction - produced by Comune di Roma



1997 Non credo esistano uomini come Clark Gable, Written by Luca De Bei

Produced by Francesco Bellomo for Atlantide Entertainment

Assistant Director


1995-1997 c/o Teatro Eliseo

Notturno di donna con ospiti with Giuliana De Sio, directed by Enrico Maria La


1996 A view from the bridge with Michele Placido directed by Teodoro Cassano

1995 Maria Callas Master Class directed by Patrick Guinand

1994 Anima Nera directed by Rossella Falk



1987 The simplest way Produced by Luca Raffaelli and Vito Lo Russo for V.L.R

Graphic cartoons


2015 - 2016 Creator and Artistic Director of CECILIA an international music

project sponsored by ALETEIA

2016 Consultant for Metanoia films

2015 Consultant for Carmel Communication

2015 Consultant for Dominus Production

2007 Program consulting for KW entertainment

2006 Project consulting for Patrizia Buccetti & partners

2003 Program consulting for Rome Reports Agency

2002 Project consulting for the World Youth Alliance at the UN in New York

2001 Assistant director in Streetlight Live Musical (RAIUNO)

2000-2001 Director/Producer at Pater TV

1997 Assistant director in Del Perduto Amore directed by Michele Placido 1997

Producer for Società Aperta Magazine (News for TV)

1995 Assistant director in Uno sguardo dal ponte (RAIDUE) with Michele Placido,

directed by Luciano Odorisio



2016 Master Class on The Dynamic of Redemption in Cinema

At Università Pontificia Salesiana in Rome

2000 – 2005 Professor of “Film direction and editing”

at Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome

1998 Master Class on History of film editing at University of Pavia


J. Truby’s master course for screenwriters

J.Campbell’s Mithology course for screenwriters

Techniques of screenwriting structures with M. Halperin

Master course in High-End Blocking and Staging with P. Homes

Editing - master course with M. Azambuja

Master Class in Film direction with K. Zanussi in Warsaw

Stage on “Star Wars - Episode One” with George Lucas, Caserta Stage on set

Stage on David Lynch’s set , Barilla commercial

Screenwriting course at ANAC with L. Benvenuti

MIF (Movie International Forum) with Angelo D’Alessandro